Protect Constitutional Rights – Join A New Lawsuit Challenging SB277

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California Health Freedom lawyer Greg Glaser is planning to bring a constitutional challenge to SB277 (California’s mandatory vaccination law).

Unlike previous challenges to SB277, this new lawsuit will focus exclusively on Christian families restoring our Constitutional right to a religious exemption.  So Greg is seeking Christian homeschooling families in California who are willing to be plaintiffs.  Greg assures there is no cost to the plaintiffs, and family privacy will be safeguarded every step of the way.

If you are potentially interested in being a plaintiff, your family would need to have a completely unvaccinated (natural) child, where your family matches this general description: The child is age 6 or older, and completely unvaccinated and healthy.  The family is Christian and very health conscious (i.e., eats all organic, chooses exclusively natural remedies). The parents and child currently homeschool, and do not have a medical exemption to vaccination.

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